Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gen Con Indy 2007 Saturday

My Saturday started off with Car Wars: Gasoline Alley. The theme is 30s gangsters, and that worked well. The rules are 3x variation of Car Wars using Crimson Skies-style damage rules and modifed weapons for the era. The damage rules lower the effect of rams (they go across the boxes instead of penetrating) and make individual hits more likely to cause internal damage (because they penetrate). I'm not a big fan of this (basically, any two hits that go to the same hit location will disable part of your vehicle) but I think it works for this scenario. The pieces were cut-and-paste/fold together printable buildings on painted foamboard and Hot Wheels-style cars appropriate for the era, so it looked very good visually.

Sadly, the GM didn't show up for my second game, A Star Trek to Canyonside. Too bad too; we had 11 players ready to go and it looked like a fun adventure. At least I had fun talking to my fellow almost-players. :(

Afterwards I returned my unusable tickets (as all I'm doing Sunday is running events), spent more money in the Dealer's Room, and used the evening to pack and test my big experimental event for Sunday.

Only one more day? Aww....

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