Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Weapons UI Working

Not too long ago SPARK finally played some Car Wars again, and as a result I've been working on the new weapons page for the CWVD.

And boy, does it suck.

Currently each weapon entry has 16 controls. There's 13 weapon lines. Fixing a weapons block involves right-clicking on each control, pulling up the Properties dialog, putting the cursor in the right block, then either jumping to the end (using the mouse because the normal navigation keys move a cell selection cursor around) and editing the cell address to the right cell or collapsing the dialog box so you can use the mouse to select the right cell, then hitting Return a few times to OK out.

Did I mention that even putting the cursor in that field sometimes scrolls the worksheet so that instead of being right next to the cell you want you're a few pages up? Hope you noticed that when the entire page is 13 nigh-identical chunks of controls and data.

Along with those edits, a couple controls require changes in another block in the Properties dialog (easy to forget when you're going quickly), a simple (yay!) search-and-replace to fix all of the lookups, and a bunch of selecting boxes of cells and changing their Conditional Formatting using the menu and weird cell selection edit textboxes.

This is long, boring, repetitive work that's easy to screw up, but that doesn't matter anymore because it's finally done! Well, almost. I don't have the helper macros hooked up yet. I decided to take a break before doing that, so I've been putting together the proper pricing formulas. That's been going so quickly that all I have left is a couple of the mods.

At this rate, there might be a 10.8 beta before Gen Con! :)

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