Friday, July 04, 2008

CWVD 10.7.5 Released

It's been over two years since I've released a CWVD. I never thought that the 10.8 Weapons page update would take so long to do. Sure I've had distractions (finally finishing school, volunteering for Con of the North, SPARK taking a year off) but two years?

Ah, well. That's life, I guess.

To help tide everyone over, I've taken all of the bug fixes (thanks to everyone who reported bugs!) and ported them back to 10.7.4. CWVD 10.7.5 can be found at the SPARK Vehicles page; the change notes are below.

One big difference is that I've moved on from Excel 97. Hopefully everything will still work for people on versions of Office before 2003, but I can't guarantee that. It should, however, eliminate the corruption problems I was running into with 97.

Enjoy the new CWVD!

  • This and future versions of the CWVD will be developed in Excel 2003. Please let us know if you have a problem opening it in an earlier version. (Minimum: 97 or higher on Win, 98 or higher on Mac)

  • Fixed metal accessory costs.

  • Fixed ram accessory cost and weight.

  • Fixed acceleration for vehicles with Turbo lag and Overdrive.

  • Fixed spaces for Solar Panels.

  • All Accessories now show their Notes, even if the note is too long to display. (Click the cell to read it all in the formula bar.)

  • Added gas tanks to the vehicle summary.

  • Fixed B hubs/guards saying they were F in the summary.

  • Changed all Misc dropdowns to the flat look (instead of 3D shaded).

  • Resized all Misc spinners to be the same.

  • Fixed Yet Another Order Problem on the Design Sheet.

  • Fixed FT effect text.

  • Negative Divisions now show an error and are considered Unlimited.

  • The Set Zooms preference buttons now disable redrawing, which should eliminate their flicker and speed things up.

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