Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CWVD 10.7.2

People have been reporting issues so the CWVD needed a bugfix release. This mainly fixes non-GE encumbrance; even if you turned off the Alternate Encumbrance preference it would still add the weight to your vehicle. I've fixed that but now it doesn't figure in things like backpacks or the GE loss to IBA. That'll get looked at again soon.

For now I'm concentrating on the new Weapons page. While the new double-selection method (type then weapon) makes it much easier to find the weapon you want, things could be even better. Since I was adding ammo types anyway, I decided to play with the order of some of the weapons in the weapons list. The old order is the same as the UACFH, which sorts them by weapon family and then specific weapons. This shows in the horrible ordering of the Largebores, where the first few "pages" of weaponry in the dropdown menu are either tournament illegal or rarely taken.

In 10.7.2 I sorted the Tank Guns to the top and the Blast Cannons below them. It still means that the BCs are sandwiched between a bunch of weapons you can't take in the tournament rules, but they're a lot closer to the top of the Largebores!

Ideally the CWVD would be able to filter out the equipment types you're not allowing in your game, but that's rather difficult to do in spreadsheet form. I'm already straining Excel with some of the UI tricks.

Let me know what you think of the new ordering. Also be on the lookout for errors in the weapons data with two new ammo types appearing. (It's easy to mess up a copy-paste.)


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