Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tomoe and Echidna

I received Tomoe and Echidna this week, the newest hardcover Lost Worlds books from the Japanese Queen's Blade series. The art is very good but perhaps not quite as good as the first four. The hidden pictures this time are "2P" colors: a dark elf/demon for Echidna and purple and white instead of red and white for Tomoe.

Flying Buffalo hasn't made a translation available yet, but I've begun adding them to my Queen's Blade Reference Sheets, which are already available for the first four. Echidna was easy as I own a copy of Flaming Cherry; Tomoe will be more difficult as I don't own a copy of Samurai with Katana. Time to get out all of my Queen's Blade books and play match the characters! :)

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