Monday, June 05, 2006

Excel Corrupts...again.

::cough cough::

Welcome back! Pardon the dust, it's been a while.

Now that SJG is allowing us to actually distribute the stuff we've been working on, I've been doing more work on the CWVD. It's a very complicated spreadsheet as such things go, and Excel 97 isn't the most stable of development platforms.

A few nights ago I did a lot of work on the CWVD's new Weapons page. Before going to bed, I checked it into my source control system (Perforce). Unfortunately, when I opened it Excel crashed on opening. It opened fine on Excel 2003, so I narrowed it down to what was making Excel crashed and hopefully fixed it. I'm hoping to not have to do all of that work over, so I'd like to get some confirmation before continuing.

If you have the time, download "Build" 140F of the CWVD, open it in your version of Excel, and click the Test All Pages button. Let me know your version of Excel and whether it opens and gets through the test.

Thanks everyone!

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